About Annie Louis

Annie Louis, Kizomba Instructor and DancerDancer/Instructor

Annie always had a passion for life. At the age of 6, she started dancing “Haitian Folklore.” Through her dancing, she has been able to learn, express and challenge herself. She participated in many cultural activities. However, the Haitian Folkloric technique has helped her grow as a person and has given her a deeper understanding of her roots.

Unfortunately, she stopped dancing to pursue other interests. However, during her College years, she could not resist but became a member of the “Dance Club” where she performed on several occasions. She also joined the group “Flanm” which reminds her of the love and respect for dancing. Throughout her years with “Flanm”, she shared her passion on stage with many talented artists.

As a dancer, she tried many types of dances such as Jazz, Salsa, Bachata and stumbled upon Kizomba. She fell in love instantly and was trained and coached by Joel Edouard and Guy P Saint-Louis. Annie has also co-hosted the first Kizomba Workshop in 2011 at “The Big Apple Salsa Festival.” Now, as a member and instructor of Kizomba NYC, it is her dream to share the gift of arts to all who desire to receive it.