About Jessica Adam

Jessica Adam, Kizomba Instructor and DancerDancer/Instructor

Jessica Adam’s earliest memory of dancing was when she choreographed and performed to “Zouk la se sel medikaman nou ni- Kassav” at the age of 4 for her Kindergarten graduation. The thrilling experience of self-expression gives Jessica the rush to pursue and continued to dance, as she developed a passion that would later lead her to Kizomba. From that point on, Jessica has choreographed and performed to some of the greatest hits from “AKIKO-Emeline Michele” to “Always Be My Baby-Mariah Carey” growing up in Haiti as well as here, in the U.S.

Today, Jessica’s passion has changed her lifestyle in which she has dedicated her life to dance!

At the age of 18, Jessica started attending Latin Dance Socials and became a “Social Dancer” where she met Guy P Saint-Louis. Jessica spent sometimes co-instructing Salsa on 1, Bachata and Merengue over the years. Forward ten years later, Jessica reunited with Guy P Saint-Louis who introduced her to Kizomba along with the Kizomba NYC Team Members including Joel Edouard. Guy and Joel have trained, coached and transformed Jessica into a Kizomba Dancer and Instructor. Jessica has co-hosted the first and very successful Kizomba Workshop in 2011 at “The Big Apple Salsa Festival.” Jessica has performed at “Dance for Haiti” a charity event that reassured her of the power of “the art of dance.” Jessica has co-instructed the first Kizomba Dance Workshop in California in 2012. Jessica is currently a credential Kizomba Instructor with Kizomba NYC.

Jessica believes in changing the world through dancing one step at a time and is devoted to the Kizomba NYC movement.