Kizomba NYC

Guy Saint Louis and Joel Edouard were the first to introduce Kizomba to New York through their famous “RendezZouk” parties in 2009. They were working together at this time as co-owners of Capital Entertainment Organization (CEO). It didn’t take long for people to fall in love with Kizomba, so very soon Guy and Joel formed KizombaNYC. They trained intensively, brought in a few more members and by the end of 2009 had coached them into a competent teaching team.

With more than 16 years of dancing, KizombaNYC is a team that thrives on giving Kizomba enthusiasts the growth and results they want to see in their dancing. Their hard work, passion and collaboration have made them well respected in the national dance community as well as abroad.

Kizomba NYC Members have worked diligently with other instructors who share the same passion for Kizomba. They want to see Kizomba preserved as its own dance from, while also spreading it around the country. They collaborate as instructors, choreographers, performers and social dancers.

Kizomba NYC has hosted some of the most successful workshops here in New York and as well as elsewhere in the country.   Kizomba NYC was the first to introduce Kizomba at the 2011 New York Salsa Congress, teaching to over one hundred participants. After this great success, Kizomba NYC was given full charge of the First Annual New York Zouk and Kizomba Festival in 2012. Also notably, Kizomba NYC introduced to South California for the first time in 2012 through Carlos Cinta and his team.

Kizomba NYC aims to be not just a dance group but also a positive influence in the community. They appreciate the opportunity to support and perform at charity events and fundraisers; a memorable such occasion was “Dance for Haiti”. it was a humbling experience for the entire team.

Kizomba NYC Team Members: Joel Edouard, Guy P. Saint Louis aka “Trackmaster”, Jessica Adam, Annie Louis, Gregory Kebreau and Patrice Stuppard.

Kizomba NYC Junior Team Members to be announced.